A broker's five Cs to successful partnerships

National partnership manager shares his insights

A broker's five Cs to successful partnerships

by Dino Pacella

Successful partnerships are about plugging into an existing business with the goal of both parties increasing revenue, reducing run off and attracting new clients, all by adding a heightened level of the five C’s.

Finding a credible business partner that protects your hard-earned relationships with your existing clients and helps with the attraction of new clients is paramount, and that’s where COMFORT lays the foundation for fruitful partnerships.

No-one can be all things to all people. I’m sure most of you can think of a time where you’ve regretted going after certain business. If it’s out of your niche, then your processes may not be as streamlined, leading to compromised service and therefore a reduction in profit margins. This is where CAPABLE business partners provide your business with CHOICES allowing you to extend your service proposition to your clients, in turn moving them from clients to advocates with deeper connections to your business.

Some businesses try to grow too quickly and encounter issues with processes and having the right contacts, which trickles down to a poor customer experience. Selecting a business partner that has the CAPACITY to help scale up your business with market leading technology, processes and people will ensure your clients are being placed at the centre of every single interaction, not simply transactions.

A formidable business partner ensures that at the core of their processes are world class COMMUNICATION. They ensure that all parties, from clients to internal stakeholders, are kept updated with timely and transparent communication across multiple methods which can range from automated messaging through to a self-service portal overseen by a committed human to human approach.

Lastly, does your messaging evoke trustworthiness? To add a strength of compatibility to a partnership’s foundation of trust is to have the opportunity to educate and develop. Share your knowledge and experience with your partners, be open to allowing them to learn from you and gaining a deeper understanding of how you operate.


Dino Pacell
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