Customer service is cornerstone of success, says Top 100 broker Navjeet Matta

This broker writes more than $123m a year by going above and beyond for his clients

Customer service is cornerstone of success, says Top 100 broker Navjeet Matta

After purchasing his first property in Australia as an immigrant, Navjeet Matta saw an opportunity to help others navigate the complex lending system of a new country.

By delivering excellent customer service, he was able to drive a strong influx of leads and grow his business to a team of 13; making it into MPA’s top 100 broker list several years in a row.

MPA spoke with Matta about what it takes to become successful in the world of broking as well as a late-night drive to Canberra that brought in a raft of new clients.

A make or break decision

Not long after starting Gain Home Loans, Matta found himself faced with a decision that would mean putting his own life on hold for the livelihood of his clients.

A Canberra couple was due to meet him for a doc sign up at his Sydney office at 4pm, but a couple of hours later they phoned to say they couldn’t make it. The husband had just had a minor accident and couldn’t make the drive, while the wife couldn’t drive at all.

“They had just got their land registered and their loan approved.”

The timeline was so tight for the couple, that they had to settle within two days. The doc sign-up needed to be completed that day in order for Matta to deliver the documents to the bank the next morning.

One hour later, Matta was on his way to Canberra, deciding that if the clients couldn’t come to him, he would go to them. He made the three-hour journey at night, arriving at the clients’ house by 10pm. After doing the sign up, he turned around and drove straight home again, arriving back in Sydney at 2am before delivering the documents to the bank that very morning.

Thanks to his actions, the loan settled in time; prompting the clients to refer him to all their Canberra connections.

“I’ve got 20-25 clients now in Canberra.”

“Every client who calls me says, we heard that you drove all the way to Canberra just to get the property settled on time.”

He says this story is one of his favourites because it drives home the very reason he started out in broking 16 years ago.

An overwhelming experience

Purchasing his first property in Australia as an immigrant, Indian-born Matta found the experience quite overwhelming.

“I did use a broker but I was not very happy with the service.”

“There was a lot of questions unanswered, there was no comparison done and I had a lot of hiccups and problems.”

He started out as a broker one year later in 2004 after the experience opened his eyes to a void within the market.

“We had a lot of migrants coming in at that time from the sub-continent and other regions as well who had absolutely no understanding of the banking industry.”

“Back in India my role was in customer service.”

“I think that was one of the main reasons it really worked out well for me.”

While the first year or so was extremely challenging, Matta broker through this and started to receive a strong influx of leads that were predominately immigrants in the same position he had been in a few years prior.

He went out on his own to start Gain Home Loans and has built this to a team of 13 staff over the years.

Nowadays, 98% of the company’s leads come from customer referrals – proof that going above and beyond for clients is the cornerstone of success.