Wendi Ma - Going above and beyond for her clients

Young Gun proves that a little bit of generosity goes a long way

Wendi Ma - Going above and beyond for her clients

Wendi Ma

Young Gun Wendi Ma is one of a new breed of brokers making waves in the industry through her positive and careful attitude. She told MPA about how she got started as a broker as well as a time she went above and beyond for her clients.

A specific routine

Ma started out as a loan writer for XIN Mortgage in 2017 before gaining her accreditation to become a broker in 2019.

Like all brokers, Ma found the transition was not without its challenges - the biggest one she faced was communicating with clients to identify their specific needs.

“Every customer is different,” she said. “They’re facing different problems and we need to communicate in different ways in order to assist them.”

While broking is a social gig, at the same time, it is essential to focus on numbers and compliance; risk aversion being a major part of the job. Ma said she overcame this challenge by building a better time management practice and developing a specific weekly routine.

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Going above and beyond

At the start of this year, Ma achieved one of her first goals in broking and was named an MPA Young Gun.

“Becoming a Young Gun is a career highlight,” said Ma. “It is a great milestone for me because it is recognition of my effort by the industry and I am very grateful.”

While every customer is memorable to Ma, she recalls a young professional couple who were in a rush to enter the market.

“They needed to borrow a very high ratio,” she said. “I help them to compare which loans would give them the maximum benefit in great detail.”

Ma even went above and beyond for the couple and donated $1,000 of her own money towards the solicitor’s fee associated with the transaction to help them achieve their finance goal, which was the purchase of their dream home.

Ma said her goals moving forward are to continue operating to the highest standard and help as many people as she can. She also wants to diversify her business into commercial finance over the coming year.