What's driven the success of a Top 100 broker?

Parth Shah, mortgage broker at Jabsons Finance, shares the secrets behind an incredible 12 months, while explaining the major challenges he faced and how he overcame them.

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MPA Top 100 Broker 2021 - Jabsons Finance

Speaker1: [00:00:13] Hello, everyone, my name is Rebecca Pike, and I am the editor of MPA magazine. I'm joined today by Bob Sharp, founder of Jackson's Finance in Victoria. Welcome path.

Speaker2: [00:00:24] Thank you for having me.

Speaker1: [00:00:25] You have made it into our annual Top 100 brokers list for twenty twenty one. What do you put your success over the last 12 months down to?

Speaker2: [00:00:34] Thank you for giving this great news. I would I would say this, I have last 12 months, I have stayed away personally. I have stayed away from all these shiny object syndrome. And I was 100 percent focused on my business and as a result, we have achieved some great numbers. Personally, I have invested so much time in structuring my clients mortgage in a way that where they will pay, where we will make their money, work for them and where they will pay overall interest very less. And as a result, we have achieved loss. We have got lots of repeat business from our clients, plus they have referred their friends and family. So that is on a personal level, on a team level. We have a fantastic team. I mean, my team is my proud, our team leader Sam, our loan processing team Praveen Chopra, Manju and Shweta. Our settlement team, which is get taken care of by Punjab and Nirav and our compliance team, which is pretty looks after that. So. So they have done some fantastic I mean, they have gone above and beyond for each and every client of ours. And because of them, we I mean, without their help, this was not possible and lot lost my my family, my wife, C C has been a fantastic help. She's amazing what she has things that she has taken care. I mean, see, she was there for me when I needed the most support emotionally and mentally and sometimes removing all the small, small task from my plate. So I was able to invest more time into the business, especially in the challenging time of COVID.

Speaker1: [00:02:14] That's really nice. So what been the biggest challenges over the last year and how did you overcome them?

Speaker2: [00:02:21] Last year, the biggest challenge was, of course, as as we all know, that Victoria was a hard hit by COVID and we had the longest lockdown. So the challenge that came with the lockdown was that we were not able to see our clients face to face. And of course, my team was working remotely and I'm very old school, so I prefer to see people face to face and and generate business that way. And we were sort of very small team based in the office. So it was very challenging for me to learn about new technology and system in the most important. And we have even and having to hide people without even seeing them face to face. That was that was that was very, very challenging. But look, we overcome that by learning about new technology, implemented a few new things into the business. Just try to do different things. And luckily, that has worked and and and we were able to continue serving our clients.

Speaker1: [00:03:22] So why is it important for you as a broker to be in the top 100 list this year?

Speaker2: [00:03:28] It is very important because I joined. I was originally not from a finance background. I joined mortgage broking industry back in twenty sixteen full time and I just had my strong wife why I want to join the industry because I had a bad experience when I was organizing my home loan and and I just wanted to make sure that no one else go through the same experience that I have been through. So that was my right. And with that, while keeping that y in mind, serving our clients from the last five years and ended up in top 100 brokers list, it is. It is massive. We are very happy. We are very thrilled. Plus it also lots of our clients. They have selected us as their mortgage broker. So this basically us landed in this top hundred top top 100 mortgage broking from us landed in this top hundred mortgage brokers in Australia that basically validates their choice as well. That validates their choice of selecting us as the mortgage broker.

Speaker1: [00:04:32] So after all that, you know, not starting originally in finance, how does it feel to have come this far and to be in the list this year?

Speaker2: [00:04:42] Well, look, it's it's fantastic. It's a amount of challenges that we had this year with with COVID. On a personal level, on a professional level, on things that we have to do because of COVID hiring people without seeing them. We're working with them for more than six months, nine months, and I still haven't met some of my team members. So it is it is it? It feels fantastic. And look, it is. It is. It is really good to be recognized for the hard work that we have been doing so. So yeah, it is. It is very special.

Speaker1: [00:05:16] Thank you so much for joining me today, I'm so happy to have you on the list this year. Thanks to everyone watching online, I hope it was insightful. You can read more about past and the rest of the top 100 brokers in the December issue of MPW. Thank you for watching.