Ensuring an equitable environment for all mortgage professionals

The Canadian mortgage space still has a lot to improve on, broker association chair says

Ensuring an equitable environment for all mortgage professionals

In recent years, the Canadian mortgage industry has seen significant advances when it comes to the presence and value of women professionals, but for Pam Pikkert, broker and chair of the Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association, much more can be done when it comes to providing an equitable environment for all.

In particular, Pikkert highlights the need for strong guidelines to ensure the safest possible space for women professionals.

“I’d like to see the professional standards of the entire industry levelled up,” Pikkert told Canadian Mortgage Professional. “I’d like [for us] to have a national code of conduct with a whistleblower policy, so that if somebody steps outside of the guidelines, you can report them and something will be done [about that].”

Pikkert believes that further structural reforms would be valuable in putting the best face to the industry, making it more enticing for people to work with, and even join.

“I’d like to see some resources for people, so that if they are the victim of sexual harassment or racist behaviour, they would know that there is a safe place for them to go and get the help that they actually need,” she said.

Pikkert stressed that such mechanisms are vital to the industry’s long-term sustainability, and these will help the mortgage industry become one of the conduits for a more enlightened society.

“I know that in our industry, sadly, there are instances of sexual misconduct and even NDAs that are signed to cover these up – and that needs to stop,” she said. “This is across the board. We are stepping into a new time, where all that ‘old boys’ club’ behaviour just absolutely must stop.”

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