New data analytics platform provides deeper real estate insights

The latest offering from Altus Group delivers comprehensive productivity to Canadian real estate subscribers

New data analytics platform provides deeper real estate insights

Altus Group Limited has announced the launch of Altus Data Studio, a new data analytics platform that provides clients with a deeper level of insight on the Canadian real estate market with new analytical capabilities.

Altus Data Studio combines Altus Group’s subscription-based data from its legacy RealNet and Altus InSite offerings in a single application. It provides an integrated user experience and delivers comprehensive productivity and ease-of-use enhancements to Canadian real estate data subscribers.

“The launch of Altus Data Studio provides our Canadian data clients with an enhanced ability to better search, analyze and gain insights based on our market-leading real estate data,” said Richard Simon, Managing Director at Altus Group. “This new data platform delivers a significantly improved user experience and makes it easier for clients to make faster and smarter investment, development and leasing decisions.”

With Altus Data Studio, clients will have the ability to access over 20 years of real estate data representing over 139,000 transactions, 50,000 commercial properties, and every new residential development project in major markets across Canada. Subscribers to multiple Altus Group data sets will benefit from a single view of all data providing a more comprehensive picture of a property and overall market dynamics.

Altus Data Studio also delivers faster access to key data sets and introduces extensive data visualization capabilities to Altus Group’s comprehensive coverage of the Canadian new home and commercial real estate markets. It combines an innovative data ingestion process and platform design to provide Altus Group’s Canadian data subscribers with the ability to access, provision, query and visualize a variety of data sets and types from multiple Altus Group sources in a centralized, single location.

The platform leverages a unique identifier assigned to each asset allowing the system to organize all data associated with the property and make it available to subscribers. This simplifies the process of accessing detailed property information from multiple sources, often with different standards and definitions, allowing clients to better discover and leverage the data to enable enhanced performance, benchmarking and attribution analysis.

Altus Data Studio provides a number of key capabilities:

  • Single-view access and enhanced search functionality – users can search all data sets in a single-view using one common search tool to access relevant transactions, project and listing information faster.
  • Ease-of-use enhancements – a simplified and easy to read unique data catalogue record structure allows users to quickly source relevant data by highlighting key information and metrics. Users can now find historical transaction data easily, as well as access relevant data from other Altus Group databases or sources. Improved printing and reporting functions allow the key data sets to be more easily integrated into reports and workflows.
  • Flexible and seamless integration – the flexible platform architecture allows new data to be quickly integrated and made available to clients. Direct integration between RealNet and Altus InSite data provides the ability to gather and consolidate all data points related to a property while the map feature serves as both a tool to search and visualize. Mapping, reporting, analytics and searching functionality can be used to build reports, view the dashboard and analyze the data. The mobile-scaled platform can also be accessed from multiple devices, allowing users to more easily access data where and when they need to. Additionally, future functionality will include persona-based tools that allow the platform search and reporting functions to be specially tailored to users’ needs and requirements.

Existing Altus Group clients that subscribe to commercial transactions, listings and availability, development applications, and new housing development data through RealNet and/or Altus InSite will have the opportunity to leverage Altus Data Studio and its benefits.