Exec talks value of blending tech with human approach

Pineapple CEO highlights the vital role that non-tech elements play in the success of a mortgage business

Exec talks value of blending tech with human approach

For Pineapple CEO Shubha Dasgupta, while continuously refining tech-powered tools is a must for every mortgage business, mastering the human element is an equally important component of success in the long term.

This is especially true in an era that has seen the myriad effects of economic volatility and long-percolating housing market instability.

“Nobody’s been protected from the costs of living, rising interest rates, inflation, groceries, et cetera — so having compassion and empathy towards our customers and our partners is really an area that we can focus on,” Dasgupta told CMP TV recently.

“I’m a big believer in helping equal selling: ‘how are we helping Canadians navigate the current market?’”

Dasgupta said that this applies whether the broker is sharing good news or bad.

“It’s easy for us to make calls and say, ‘Hey, the market is growing, prices are appreciating, you can buy real estate,’” he said. “But in today’s climate, the calls are different.”

Dasgupta said that mortgage professionals can help soften the blow somewhat by highlighting how brokers can instead help through helping Canadians reconfigure their budgets to accommodate rising costs.

“We can call Canadians and talk to them about their rising debt loads, and whether it’s worthwhile for them to look at accessing some of the equity in their homes and consolidate this debt into lower interest rates, [or] early renewal options, [or] maybe having conversations with the agent population,” Dasgupta said.

“Have compassion, have empathy, but stay active in connecting with Canadians today so that they’re able to guide them through what is an unprecedented market for a lot of them.”

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