Surefire, LendingPad integration enables loan officers to stay engaged with borrowers

Borrowers and loan officers don’t have to play phone tag any more

Surefire, LendingPad integration enables loan officers to stay engaged with borrowers

Top of Mind Networks has connected its Surefire customer relationship management (CRM) tool with the LendingPad loan origination system (LOS) to streamline communication throughout the loan origination process.

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The integration, according to Top of Mind’s press release, enables lenders to automate the delivery of personalized communication through the real-time sharing of contact records and loan milestones between LendingPad and Surefire CRM.

For instance, originators can use Surefire CRM to generate and deploy interactive content that walks first-time homebuyers through what to expect during the loan process. The system then automatically “nudges” applicants who need to submit documents to complete their loan applications. Once an application is complete, the CRM software updates all stakeholders on the loan’s status at every stage in the origination process.

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“Our integration with Top of Mind’s Surefire CRM delivers on that commitment by enabling originators to stay engaged with borrowers throughout the loan process in a way that’s both personal and efficient,” said Wes Yuan, managing director of LendingPad.

LendingPad’s cloud-based LOS tools for mortgage brokers, independent mortgage companies, banks and credit unions fully support the redesigned Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA). It is also compliant with the 3.4 version of the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO).“We’ve been hearing from more lenders as well as independent mortgage brokers that LendingPad has become their LOS of choice thanks to its quick speed-to-value and smooth URLA execution,” said Top of Mind CEO Bill Hayes. “We have responded swiftly to that market demand with a seamless integration that lets lenders combine the agility and efficiency of LendingPad with the power of industry-leading marketing automation tools and dynamic content from Surefire CRM.”