Don’t neglect the visual component of marketing

Studies show that social media posts with images get 94% more views than those without. But there needs to be thought behind your use of images

Don’t neglect the visual component of marketing
Your social media marketing program should be built around images. Studies have found that social media content that includes images gets 94% more views than content without images.

But there needs to be thought behind your use of images. Your visuals should be eye-catching, relevant – and appropriate for your use. In a recent article, mortgage marketing firm LoanTek listed some do’s and don’ts for using images in your social media marketing.

  • Ask permission. This is worth emphasis. If you’re using images created by another person, you need to get that person’s blessing. “If you must use someone else’s photos, don’t assume giving credit is the same as asking permission,” LoanTek advises.
  • Create your own visuals. The best way to avoid getting in trouble for using someone else’s images, obviously, is simply to use your own. if you’re generating your own content, there’s no worry about whether you’ve paid required royalties or given the correct credit.
  • Use royalty-free or attribution-free stock photos. Maybe you’re not much of a photographer. Don’t worry; there are free or inexpensive photos out there. “Just be sure to read the fine print,” LoanTek warns. “Some sites may allow you to use the photo, but have restrictions on how you can use them.”
  • Depend on Google Image Search. You might find the perfect photo, but it could very well be copyrighted, LoanTek warns. Using a copyrighted photo without permission could open you up to some unpleasant legal penalties.
  • Use poor-quality visuals. Make sure you’re using high-resolution photos. Small, out-of-focus, or pixelated photographs just make you look unprofessional. In other words, the opposite of what your marketing should be doing.
  • Use images that are “too busy.” A crowded image filled with captions and figures doesn’t impress your customers. It just confuses them. Simple and eye-catching is better.
  • Use clip art. “Clip art should be saved for garage sales and bake sales,” LoanTek advises. “End of story.”
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