Lenders Adapt to Rapidly Changing Market Conditions with Advanced Technology Platform Mortgage Cadence Assists Lenders with Ability to Handle FHA, Loan Modifications and Reverse Live Pricing

Lenders Adapt to Rapidly Changing Market Conditions with Advanced Technology Platform  Mortgage Cadence Assists Lenders with Ability to Handle FHA, Loan Modifications and Reverse Live Pricing
DENVER, March 16, 2009 ? Mortgage Cadence, Inc., a leading provider of Enterprise Lending Solutions (ELS) for the financial services industry, has adapted and enhanced its powerful technology platform to assist lenders in dealing with rapidly changing market conditions. Mortgage Cadence Orchestrator?s robust platform, complete with a native rules engine and automated workflow, provides lenders with key technology solutions to handle increased FHA business, Loan Modifications and Reverse Live Pricing. ?At Mortgage Cadence we are committed to meeting the needs of our clients and the mortgage industry. This is especially important during these challenging economic times,? stated Michael Detwiler, Chief Executive Officer of Mortgage Cadence. ?Our dynamic technology platform enables lenders to quickly and easily adapt to constantly changing market conditions and inherent opportunities, providing lenders significant ROI for their technology investment.? FHA In this volatile lending market, lenders are looking for opportunities to offer borrowers relief. Gone are many of the programs (and lenders) that provided US homeowners and homebuyers financial assistance. With those programs no longer available, lenders are left to re-tool and find alternative lending programs to offer borrowers. The resurgence of FHA lending offers lenders the opportunity to provide borrowers with much needed relief while capitalizing on a growing origination channel. FHA offers significant opportunities; however, FHA lending is accompanied by strict rules, regulation, documentation and requirements. This is an area where most lenders lack the required knowledge and expertise to effectively handle FHA lending. Lenders need to embrace proven FHA automation solutions to ensure they are protected from mistakenly closing loans outside of the strict requirements and in turn making the loan uninsurable. It is critical for lenders to partner with a technology provider who has the knowledge, expertise and technical platform to most effectively handle FHA lending. Lenders who partner with Mortgage Cadence are uniquely positioned to rapidly increase FHA originations or to enter the market for the first time. Mortgage Cadence provides a suite of products and services that can exponentially increase productivity, serve and retain customers, maintain compliance and reduce costs. Mortgage Cadence Orchestrator?s FHA workflows effectively automate government lending without significant additional training. Risk mitigation tools automatically prompt users down the correct path to ensure the proper execution of FHA lending while incorporating FHA-mandated changes. Loan Modifications Another key area that needed to be addressed was Loan Modifications. The number of distressed mortgages within the industry is growing at a rapid rate. Mortgage Cadence Orchestrator? and Mortgage Cadence Finale? work seamlessly with one another providing an enterprise lending and document solution that enables lenders to automate the modification of troubled mortgages rapidly and cost effectively. This technology is designed to analyze and assist lenders in achieving affordable and sustainable mortgage programs for borrowers, while increasing the value of the distressed mortgages by re-establishing them into performing loans. Mortgage Cadence Orchestrator's robust rules engine and workflow technology allows for automated analysis and task completion. Leveraging this technology, lenders can easily: compare servicing performance, review original loan documentation and data, run custom DTI, LTV, and foreclosure calculations, and automate vendor service ordering and fulfillment to reduce the cost per (loan) modification. Reverse Live Pricing To remain competitive in today?s reverse mortgage market, reverse lenders are feeling the pressure to embrace the new mandatory live pricing requirements recently introduced by Fannie Mae. With private investor purchasing and proprietary portfolio products going away, lenders will find it difficult to ignore Fannie Mae?s new pricing requirements. What many lenders do not understand is that incorporating the new mandatory live pricing and delivery requirements into their pricing strategy opens them up to exposure and increases the risk and challenge of correctly pricing and delivering loans. As reverse lenders adopt this new business model (one that reflects the forward secondary market commitment and delivery process) many lenders will find themselves behind the curve when it comes to the ability, knowledge base or technological infrastructure to support this new process. Mortgage Cadence Orchestrator can significantly reduce this risk by providing reverse lenders with a streamlined approach to mandatory live pricing through the delivery of advanced technology, commitment tracking, business workflows, and industry expertise. This technology puts reverse lenders in a position to minimize risk, optimize market opportunities, and competitively price reverse loans to the broker base. ?By having a strong pulse on the industry and a deep understanding of what the implications will be on our customers, we are able to proactively deliver much-needed solutions to customers.? stated Michael Detwiler. ?Every day we strive to enhance our already superior technology platform to ensure that we are providing our customer base with the last lending platform they will ever need.? About Mortgage Cadence Mortgage Cadence, Inc. is the leading provider of Enterprise Lending Solutions (ELS). Mortgage Cadence Orchestrator? provides data driven workflow automation and seamless integration across the enterprise to help lenders achieve harmonious operational rhythm from origination, processing, underwriting, and closing through secondary marketing. The solution provides both forward and reverse lending automation ? as well as support for multiple lending channels. This superior technology features business rules management, product and pricing, electronic document management, and a suite of Web portal options within one comprehensive platform. To learn more, please visit us on the Web at http://www.mortgagecadence.com. Trevor Gauthier Vice President, Marketing 303.991.8337 Catch the RHYTHM Mortgage Cadence, Inc. www.mortgagecadence.com