The key to survival in the mortgage industry? Understand that ‘change is constant’

Adam Kresch, COO of Atlantis Mortgage, talks about the state of the industry, regulatory hurdles, and what keeps him motivated every day

The key to survival in the mortgage industry? Understand that ‘change is constant’
Adam Kresch got his start in the mortgage industry in February of 2006 at Quicken Loans. “I was newly out of college and was looking for a challenging and rewarding career,” Kresch says. “A friend introduced me and I was hooked.”

Since 2014, Kresch has served as the chief operating officer of Atlantis Mortgage, a Michigan-based company that’s expanded into nine states since its founding in 2002. MPA recently chatted with Kresch about his thoughts on the industry, how he deals with the business’s growing regulatory challenges, and what he loves about mortgage origination.

MPA: What is it about the mortgage industry that you most enjoy? What keeps you coming back every day?
Adam Kresch: First of all, I love helping people. Every day and every client is different, and I really enjoy finding the best loan solution that fits each family’s unique needs.

MPA: How do you think the market is performing right now on the whole?
AK: The market is constantly changing. I try not to get caught up in how it is performing. Regardless, families need homes and need to refinance, and there are always products that are advantageous for them.

MPA: Is there any particular segment of the industry you have an affinity for?
AK: I work with a variety of clients and they are all important, but first time homebuyers are always fun because I get to educate them.

MPA: Is it a good time to be in the business?
AK: Yes! I rarely think there is a bad time, though.

MPA: How does one deal with the regulatory hurdles that have been put in place over the last few years?
AK: I have a great processing team that has made the transition seamless. Change is constant – and the only way to survive is to understand that.

MPA: What does the future hold for you? Is there anything unique happening with property in your market?
AK: The future is wide open. With all of the tools available right now, there are so many different ways to reach clients. I am currently focusing a lot of energy on social marketing, specifically Snapchat. I think that provides a unique communication avenue with potential clients.