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What should be a key strategy for mortgage professionals at the start of 2023?

"Take a breath. It has been challenging, and it will continue to be challenging"

Company Spotlight – CWB Optimum Mortgage

With today’s challenging market, having custom lending options to meet unique borrower needs is going to be a big difference maker for 2023. CMPTV recently spoke with Marcia Lindberg from CWB Optimum Mortgage on how brokers can thrive and succeed in a higher rate market

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A roll of the dice can yield extraordinary returns, exec says

"There's a tremendous learning opportunity when you're willing to kind of take a risk and put yourself out there"

Senior manager on why aiding clients ultimately aids the lender

"We want to work with the broker to make sure that we are putting the client in the best financial situation"

Leading lenders on the value of specialized lending solutions

Executives talk current market, what brokers should keep top of mind

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