Building longevity

Mountain West Financial recently celebrated 26 years in the industry. John Cady shares how they maintain years of success

Building longevity
Focused on remaining a family-owned company with an unmatched culture, Mountain West Financial is maintaining their values while growing their footprint significantly across the country. The company recently celebrated 26 years in the business, and through the years, MWF has grown from first having a presence in California to now performing business in 10 western states with plans to continue their strategic growth. That growth is clear in the company’s record setting numbers reached this year. “The company doubled volume in the last 18 months,” said John Cady, SVP of production at MWF. “We have had five record months this year and this month should be another one – we are thrilled.”
In-line with their family culture, MWF supports the communities in which they live and work beyond just providing mortgage options. As supporters of the American Red Cross, Operation Surf, American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, Ronald McDonald House, Lifestream and other charities locally and nationally, MWF also uniquely supports some of their communities’ most valued members. The company’s exclusive PATH loan programs are aimed at servicing public employees, from police, firefighters, teachers, public health employees, city, county, to state employees with reduced rates and fees and other benefits on their loans.” said Cady.
Their close-knit, community mentality has proven to be a success; MWF only sees growth in their future said Cady. As the mortgage wholesale business gradually increases, an area where over 35% of MWF’s business comes from, the company sees an industry ripe for business and success. They recently introduced their retail business to Texas and they plan on opening up their wholesale offerings in the state early next year. “We are on track to open four or five branches by the end of the year and next year, we will probably add another 15 to 20 branches to our footprint,” Cady mentioned.
As a result of being in 10 unique markets, MWF maintains a balanced portfolio. Although some markets may be flat, others can be in a growth, and that diversity has primed MWF for future success – with the right people. “While we are always looking down the road, we really focus on the people we hire today,” he said. “For us, it is about longevity, and empowering our employees. Our average branch manager has been with us for over five years and our average account executive has been with us for nine years, which is unheard of in this industry.” To help support the emergence of new blood into the industry, Mountain West offers their exclusive Loan Officer Academy. In the past four years they have successfully had over 150 graduates using their approach to give candidates the essentials of the mortgage industry as well as what they would need to be a successful MLO. “We are investing in the future of our employees where it is not about quantity, it is about quality.”

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