Clients looking for a haunted house? Try these spooky ZIP codes

If your clients are looking for a haunted house, these areas may be their best bet for spooky living spaces

Clients looking for a haunted house? Try these spooky ZIP codes

If you’ve got clients who’re looking for a haunted house – well, first of all, your clients are weird. Ghosts are terrible roommates, as illustrated repeatedly in fine documentaries like Poltergeist and Paranormal Activity. Hell, even Patrick Swayze wouldn’t stop hanging around and blasting Righteous Brothers records.

But let’s say your clients have made up their minds: They’re looking for a nice two-bedroom haunted by the tormented spirits of the unquiet dead. Well, ATTOM Data Solutions decided, quite logically, that the likeliest houses to be haunted are the ones whose previous owners have died (death generally being a prerequisite for ghosthood).

ATTOM looked at property records for more than 72 million homes, and found more than 40,000 single-family homes that are now vacant because the homeowner is deceased. That’s one out of every 1,795 homes in the nation. Then ATTOM looked at the top 10 ZIP codes “where the vacant home may be the haunted home.”

Three slots in the top 10, somewhat creepily, all go to the same town – Gary, Indiana. In Gary’s ZIP 46407 – No. 1 on the list – one in every 41 homes is vacant because a previous owner has shuffled off the mortal coil. In Gary ZIP 46402 – No. 2 – one in every 52 vacant houses is a candidate for haunting. And Gary also makes No. 9 on the list, with ZIP code 46404, where the “vacant and dead” rate is one out of every 81 homes. Gary also features the Michael Jackson family home, if you’re looking for something to see when you’re not being tormented by specters.

Check out ATTOM’s complete list of haunted ZIP codes in the graphic below: