Brokerage partners raise funds for children’s medical equipment

They were able to raise more than $8m within a decade

Brokerage partners raise funds for children’s medical equipment

Since 2009, Bell Partners Finance managing director Mark Stevenson and his co-founder Anthony Bell have been running a firm that goes beyond helping those who need financial assistance.

By setting up charity arm The Loyal Foundation, Bell found a way for the firm to give back to the community by raising funds for children’s medical equipment.

Attended by some of Sydney’s most well-known celebrities, sports personalities and entrepreneurs, The Loyal Foundation organises charity dinners and various functions throughout the year. It generates funds by selling tables at events and through auctions. With the Humpty Dumpty Foundation, one of the charity’s main beneficiaries for the past few years, attendees can directly purchase specific pieces of equipment for specific hospitals across the country. The Loyal Foundation has raised over $8m for over 100 various hospitals across Australia since it began.  

“It’s a fantastic cause and one which passes on 100% of the funds raised,” Stevenson, a 2018 MPA Top 100 Brokers finalist, told MPA. “Being involved with The Loyal Foundation and gaining a small insight into the lives of the people who benefit from the funds we raise helps keep me grounded and focused on the things in life that matter the most.”

“As a parent, it breaks my heart hearing the stories of families who rely on the medical equipment to save or improve the quality of their lives.”

Stevenson has attended almost every lunch and dinner the charity has hosted since 2014. He has purchased and hosted tables, as well as assisted in their selling. According to Stevenson, getting the right mix of people at their events is important “to ensure they raise as much money as possible”.

“In the big scheme of things, my contributions are relatively minor - buying a table, and inviting some guests with deep pockets!” he said. “I am always blown away by the generosity of those who are in a fortunate enough position to give — it’s so humbling to see.”

What Stevenson finds great about the charity is that it doesn’t demand much of his time, because many of its attendees are friends, family members and existing clients. Through the charity, he gets to spend time with them while supporting a worthwhile cause.

The Loyal Foundation held a large fundraising dinner earlier in 2019 at the Hyatt Regency in Sydney. Later this year or early 2020, the charity will likely organise another big event, Stevenson said.