The scores are in! How is your aggregator doing?

The results are in from MPA's Brokers on Aggregators survey, reflecting your opinion on aggregator performance.

The scores are in! How is your aggregator doing?
MPA is committed to fair comparison so we're showing aggregator scores for those categories named most important by their members, in alphabetical order. 

Brokers were asked to score on a scale between 1 (very poor) and 5 (very good).

Accurate and on-time commission payments 4.38
IT and CRM support 4.36
Quality of lending panel 4.55
Editor’s note: AFG was the strongest-represented aggregator in this year’s survey in terms of number of respondents.

IT and CRM support 3.67
Communication with brokers 4.33
Additional income streams 4.33

Quality of lending panel 4.27
Accurate and on-time commission payments 4.00
Compliance support 4.50
Editor’s note: Although franchise brokerage members are welcome to complete our survey, Aussie was the only one with enough replies to be fairly represented.

Choice Aggregation Services
Compliance support 4.00
Accurate and on-time commission payments 4.13
BDM support 3.70

Accurate and on-time commission payments 4.54
IT and CRM support 4.47
Communication with brokers 4.39
Editor’s note: Connective was the most popular aggregator chosen for the question “If you were to change aggregators, which aggregator would you choose?”

Custom Equity Group
Accurate and on-time commission payments 4.50
Quality of lending panel 4.00
Communication with brokers 3.67

IT and CRM support 4.63
Accurate and on-time commission payments 4.75
BDM support 3.25
Editor’s note: eChoice’s members take lead generation far more seriously than the average broker (importance score of 4.38 compared to 2.82).

Accurate and on-time commission payments 3.96
Quality of lending panel 4.22
BDM support 3.87

Quality of lending panel 4.53
BDM support 4.16
Accurate and on-time commission payments 3.74

Liberty Network Services
Accurate and on-time commission payments 4.74
BDM support 4.53
IT and CRM support 4.53
Editor’s note: Considering Liberty Network Services wasn’t even in last year’s survey, their number of respondents and scoring has been surprisingly high.

National Mortgage Brokers
Quality of lending panel 4.88
Accurate and on-time commission payments 4.88
Communication with brokers 4.88
Editor’s note: NMB is the only aggregator this year with its top three categories actually scoring higher on performance than importance, an impressive result.

PLAN Australia
Accurate and on-time commission payments 4.26
Quality of lending panel 4.34
IT and CRM support 4.13

Vow Financial
Accurate and on-time commission payments 4.27
Communication with brokers 4.21
BDM support 3.70

The full survey results can be found in MPA's latest issue 15.05, now on desks.