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Demystifying reverse mortgages

Heartland Seniors Finance answers your questions about the market

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Join us as we discuss the opportunities for brokers in the reverse mortgage space

Reverse mortgages – the opportunity for brokers

MPA will be speaking to one provider in a free webinar

Rethinking reverse mortgages

Once burdened by a less-than-stellar reputation, reverse mortgages are becoming the product of choice for many older Australians who are looking to improve their lifestyle

FBAA lobbies for uniform accreditation for reverse mortgage providers

However one leading reverse mortgage lender says while brokers do need specific training, it doesn't need to be uniform

Getting to the heart of it

As more baby boomers retire, demand for reverse mortgages is destined to grow. Here's how you can help clients retire easy

Reverse mortgages: reaching maturity

A combination of Australia’s ageing population and high property prices is driving up demand for reverse mortgages. MPA and Heartland Seniors Finance explain how brokers can get started

Brokers last in line for 6.8 million extra customers

Regulators prepare for a surge of senior Australians and their financial needs but many brokers have yet to notice

PODCAST: Building a powerful personal brand with Andrew Ford

There are an abundance of marketing strategies for mortgage brokers, though not all are equal, and not all will deliver the same ROI.

Standing out with reverse mortgages

MPA hears from Heartland Seniors Finance chief executive Andrew Ford on their award-winning reverse mortgage product